INSIGHTS Podcast Series — #11: Abhinav Chaturvedi from Accel demystifies fundraising

As a first time startup founder, fundraising can seem overwhelming. Many have gone through the process without too much knowledge about who to raise funds from and how to go about the process — particularly as it relates to the Indian ecosystem.

In this podcast, Abhinav Chaturvedi from Accel demystifies fundraising and addresses most of the questions that are probably going through your mind as a first time founder. Here are the topics covered in this podcast:

Picking who to raise funds from

  • When should you start the fundraising process for your startup?
  • When is it good time to go to an Angel investor vs an institutional investor?
  • What’s the best way to reach your top investor choices?
  • What are the common avoidable mistakes that first time founders do while figuring out who to raise funds from?
  • Different types of companies — B2B vs B2C and any advice on how they should think about funding differently?

Tips on the fundraising process

  • What are the top reasons investors are compelled to invest in a particular startup?
  • What are some of the best pitches Abhinav has heard and funded — what stood out in those pitches?
  • From the first pitch to getting to a term-sheet —what to expect, what happens behind the scenes in a VC fund?
  • What are the common avoidable mistakes that first time founders do in the fundraising process?

In the next two episodes, we are going to hear from a couple of entrepreneurs who have gone through this fundraising process a few times and tips from them for a first time founder. If there are any specific questions that are top of mind for you, please do share as a comment below or tweet us at @Accel_India

Accel shares such interesting entrepreneurial stories, with informative nuggets to run and scale your startup. Follow the links below and subscribe to our #AccelInsights Podcast Series using the following links: iTunes, Twitter @Accel_India, Google Music: (US & Canada Only)and the RSS feed

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