I’m a seed/early stage Venture Capital (VC) investor based out of Bangalore, India. I moved back to India from Boston after spending more than a decade in the United States. My wife and two very young kids join me on this journey. It is my firm belief that in the next 5-10 years, India will continue to grow as a country and that entrepreneurship will be the primary fuel driving this growth. I want to share my experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India with anyone out there looking to India for the next big opportunity.



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  1. Dear Mr.Anand ,
    I want to describe my business plan with you . please let me know your contact details.

  2. About Zone Startup India Fund
    Zone Startup india Fund is the international footprint of the Toronto-based Ryerson Futures Inc. – the technology accelerator and investment arm of Ryerson University. Zone Startups is located in the Bombay Stock Exchange tower in Mumbai. Zone Startup India Fund offer State of the art work space, Mentorship – Functional, Business Experts & Industry Panel, Market Development & Business Development Support, Networking & Branding opportunities, Funding Opportunity, Access to North American market and Peer-to-Peer mentoring.
    Can I get your email address for that matter ? Please revert back.

  3. I would love to meet up if you are still in SF today, Nov 10, 2015. A friend of mine just told me about the “move to India” event.

  4. Hi Anand, We are working on a unique IOT product concept which is completely new in India. I am wondering if we can connect and discuss over this. A talk will be valuable for your valuable time. Thanks.

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