INSIGHTS #17: Prayank Swaroop on exciting opportunities in the Business Sector

Oct 27, 2018 30 MIN

We continue with the #INSIGHTSpodcast Series and in this episode, we focus on tackling the Indian market, why selling to Indian businesses is an exciting untapped opportunity and how one can build for India. To talk about this important topic, we have Prayank, a Principal at Accel who invests in B2B, Consumer Brands and Fintech. He has invested in multiple startups solving problems specifically for Indian Businesses across sectors.
On this podcast, we discuss building for the Indian Business and how to go about building it out:
Indian Business Sector — Why it is an exciting space to build technology enabled startups
Picking a sector — What to look for and things to be wary about while picking a sector
Handling capital in a B2B business — payment cycles, working capital and managing your finances
Dynamics of a marketplace — Building supply, demand and building robust marketplaces