INSIGHTS #48 – How to pick the right idea and launch your SaaS startup?: Shekhar Kirani & Krish Subramanian

Apr 05, 2020 38 MIN

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This is a continuation to podcast #46 on SaaS. In this podcast, Shekhar and Krish dive deeper into the best practices for building a SaaS company out of India.

Shekhar and Krish share learnings on the important tips to keep in mind for founders looking to build a large SaaS company: spending time on market research to identify the right opportunity in your area of interest, validating the problem through multiple customer interviews, building strong context on the problem before building the MVP and having the willingness to pay conversation early on.

The podcast is filled with analogies and examples from Shekhar and Krish’s more than decade-long experience in SaaS.

To learn more about things you need to get right to be successful in building a large SaaS company, tune in to the latest episode of the Insights Podcast by Accel

Listen here

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01:47 – Climbing the mountain analogy

05:18 – The advantage of having a strong industrial experience

09:08 – First mover advantage

13:32 – India advantage for SaaS startups

19:00 – Picking a good founding team

21:57 – Co-creating product with initial customers

23:30 – Understanding go to market

29:28 – Building MVP

32:15 – Testing for willingness to pay from early on

35:00 – Rapid Fire Round