INSIGHTS #50 – Mukesh Bansal on leveraging physical & mental fitness to achieve peak performance

May 15, 2020 31 MIN

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Mukesh shares how his journey as a leader has evolved over the last decade and in times of COVID, what got him to write a book, and how he manages to carve out time to give back to the community.

The podcast deals with some of the most relevant topics in today’s times: focusing on holistic health, improving performance, and giving back.


02:10 – Productivity in COVID times

03:39 – Settling into the new rhythm of running the company

05:36 – Executing fast through decentralized decision making

09:36 – Hacks for managing personal physical & mental fitness

13:04 – Cracking the performance code: No Limits

18:09 – Importance of introspecting about purpose

20:39 – Long term strategic thinking and daily healthy habits

24:00 – Supporting the Olympic Gold Quest initiative

26:14 – ACT Grants and Bharat Health Stack

27:50 – Rapid Fire Round